Exports of AnimeTosho's database are dumped here daily, and can be downloaded and used for whatever purpose without restriction.



Files updated: 2024-06-14

Available File Links snapshots:


Data is in the form of text files, with fields separated by tabs and each line representing a record/row. Data is encoded in UTF-8, with Unix line endings, and tab, newline, null and backslash characters escaped using C-style escapes (\t, \n, \0 and \\ respectively).
The first row always contains the column headers - you can use these to sort data appropriately, to deal with structural changes.
Data is actually exported from a MySQL database, and can be imported into MySQL using a LOAD DATA query. You can also load it into Microsoft Excel, and although I'd like to joke about trying to load sizable data sets into Excel, it actually works...

The following describes the tables and fields.

Torrents Table

This table contains all torrent entries. For example, the display on the homepage simply pulls latest items from this table.


Files Table

This table contains all file entries. Torrents contain one or more files.


Mediainfo and related data are currently not included mainly due to size and time it takes to dump the data. The data is also compressed using a custom LZMA2 based scheme, which users would need to implement a decompressor for. I may consider including this data if many are interested in such.

Attachments Table

This table contains all attachment (subtitles, fonts etc) entries. File entries contain 0 or more attachment entries. Note that attachments are de-duplicated, and hence, there's a separate Attachment Files table (below) which describes unique attachment files.


Attachment Files Table

This table contains information about attachment files stored on disk. A file on disk can be linked to multiple attachments (due to de-duplication).


File Links Exports

These contain the download links generated for files.
The data is an export of links generated/updated since the last export, performed daily. Only a few days' worth of snapshots are retained, and the full table is not available due to size.


Other Tables

The other tables used by Anime Tosho probably won't be supplied for the following reasons:


All open sourced code can be found on this GitHub page.